Atheist Defends the Catholic Church Against ‘Progressive’ Catholic

Refuting people who are ‘fed up’ with the Church’s ‘refusal’ to get with the times is getting boring.  If you are still spouting this kind of nonsense, you’ve got to start hanging out with some smarter Catholics.  Even an atheist like Penn can defend the Church’s understanding of orthodoxy and infallibility.

Piers: “I’ve become increasingly, like many young Catholics [From my experience as a youth minister, I find this statement a sloppy generalization], really disgruntled by the failure of successive popes and the Vatican to move at all with the times when society is changing…

Penn: “My understanding is that if you have someone who is a conduit of God and is speaking God’s word, even if you can’t understand exactly what God’s plan is, even if you do see suffering that you see is unacceptable… that still doesn’t mean you get to vote on what God actually believes.”

My favorite is when Penn (an atheists) compares Piers (a semi-Catholic) to Martin Luther:

Piers: “I don’t remember reading Jesus saying you can’t use condoms to prevent disease, I don’t remember Jesus saying priests, catholic priests cant get married, I don’t remember him saying divorced Catholics can’t get married in the Church, or that women can’t become priests.”

Penn: “But now you’re talking Martin Luther, that was Martin Luther, saying that an individual can interpret the Bible themselves…and it seems like you either agree or you don’t.” 

4 thoughts on “Atheist Defends the Catholic Church Against ‘Progressive’ Catholic

  1. Edmund, great post brother. The kind of atheist I can totally respect (blog post idea by the way) is the atheist that truly can defend the Catholic faith without making a straw man of the Church, i.e. this man. He clearly understands the Catholic position, he respectfully disagrees, and that’s that. Piers, on the other hand, clearly does not understand the reasons behind what the Church teaches, as evidenced by this video. It’s unfortunate, because his concerns could be respected; however, his straw man approach to the Church invalidates any possibility of honest intellectual discussion.

  2. Edmund — This is excellent. Even though Penn claims atheism, I would have to say he “is not far from the kingdom…” Morgan is John Kerry with a British accent. I’ll pray for their conversions, but I’ll smile more while praying for Penn.

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