The Greatest and Bestest Pen In The Whole World

You’ll never need another pen. He’ll never let you down and always make you feel like what you are writing/working on is important. Giving people the confidence they need to be smooth and creative. Get more schtuff done. Throw away all the crap BICs you own. I love my Pilot G2 10.

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9 thoughts on “The Greatest and Bestest Pen In The Whole World

    • I felt the same way until I picked up a fountain pen. They are a little more expensive, but sooo worth it. Nothing looks better than a 1.5mm stub nib.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with Brian, a fountain pen is an incredible upgrade to the writing experience. I am particularly in love with my TWSBI Mini EF nib with Lamy Black as my staple ink. Nevertheless, when life calls for a rollerball, I always pickup the Pilot Precise V5 which, in my humble opinion, is the perfect rollerball pen. I am not as crazy about the G2, but it is an excellent writing pen as well. Nevertheless, Edmund, I think that we can definitely agree that Pilot is one of the best pen manufacturers in the world. They have something for everyone, and both my EDC and small, but growing, fountain pen collections are dominated by pens bearing the Pilot logo.

  1. Wuz moar ink ever spilled than on the subjeck of favorite inkpen? Luv me some G-2’s but was unaware they come in 1.0 mm. Don’t be dissin’ Bics. Sure, they’re ordinary–as in ordinarily very reliable. But Papermate ballpoints are a sad joke of a pen, and woodchucks wouldn’t touch a Papermate pencil with a ten foot pole. OTOH, good eraseables are for perfectionists. Try to correct a score with a G-2, Mozart!

  2. If you’re talking about the plebeian world of ball points and rollerballs, I would agree the G2 is the best. But pick up a Lamy Safari and a bottle of ink, and your mind will be forever changed.

  3. I love the G2 as well. Cheap refills and if you want to upgrade, the g2 Limited is worth the price. Fountain pens are great, but sometimes too fussy in term of a pen to leave in a backpack.

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