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catholic youth ministry is not for the faint hearted…

You’ve got a passion to bring teens closer to Jesus. You’re excited and nervous and ready to change the world. But you’re a little overwhelmed. There’s too much to do, not enough time, and not enough help.

Where do you start? Are you doing a good job? Are you cut out for this?

I remember my first three years of youth ministry, because they weren’t that long ago. I started in 2011. I still vividly remember what it’s like to look around and think:

“Geez, I suck at graphic design. Maybe I’m not great at relational ministry. Am I doing a good job? Where did they get those banners? How do I teach this stuff? Will I always have to work 50+ hours a week?”

If you can relate I want to write you a short daily email for 30 days.

Each morning I’ll be sending you a short email with a quick tip, special resource, or youth ministry theory that I wish someone would have sent me my first three years of Catholic Youth Ministry.

You can read them over a cup of coffee, but most importantly, you can hit reply and email me directly if you have a question.

No b.s., just brass tacks in a short email from friend to friend.

Even if you’ve been in ministry for years, I think you’ll benefit from a few reminders, helpful resources, and principles to help you live out this missionary call to be in Catholic Youth Ministry.

Talk to you soon.

– Edmund