Deacon Ralph Poyo [Video Interview]

In honor of Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012, I had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with national Catholic speaker Deacon Ralph Poyo to talk about his speaking ministry, New Evangelization Ministries, and his distant Shire relations.  This happens to be my first video interview and it was a ton of fun.

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Organized by Brandon Vogt, Support a Catholic Speaker month is designed to help raise awareness and support for Catholic speakers.  Over 11,000 people cast more than 82,000 votes to come up with the a list of the top 100 Catholic speakers.  Bloggers were then invited to interview and/or write about one of the speakers.

Deacon Ralph Poyo is one of these top 100 Catholic speakers, and for good reason.  A national catholic speaker and founder of New Evangelization Ministries, Deacon Ralph has 30+ years of ministry experience in almost every imaginable capacity - youth minister, youth conference speaker, Deacon/Priest conference speaker, retreat leader, chastity speaker, author of discipleship resource "Pick Up your cross and follow me", and more recently, as a parish consultant.

"His thirty plus years of experience in Youth Ministry has helped Dcn. Ralph develop a preaching/teaching style that is capable of captivating youth and penetrating adults with the truth of the Gospel."

The first thing you will notice about Deacon Ralph is how entertaining he is to hear speak.  He's telling jokes, in wheel barrels, hopping down into the audience, or locking himself in chains.  But once he's won you over, he does not fail to deliver a passionate and convicting presentation of the truth of Jesus Christ.  During the interview Deacon Ralph explains "when my girls hear me speak, they say 'Dad you're angry!' But I just tell them that I am angry at the lies of the devil."

Deacon Ralph desires deeply to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in all he does and to be used by God to win souls for Christ.  This passionate man's ministry is truly a gift to the Church.

Watch the Video Interview Below:


Topics Discussed:

1:32 - Deacon Ralph's background 3:42 - How youth ministry helped develop his speaking ministry 5:23 - What fuels your passion? 6:41 - What is New Evangelization Ministries? 11:51 - What is the biggest barrier stopping American Catholics from being "all in"? 13:30 - Are you related to anyone from the Shire?

Stay in Touch with Deacon Ralph: Twitter: @HobbitDeacon

Here are a few examples of Deacon Ralph in action...

(This first one is the talk referenced by me during the interview. One of my all time favorites.) [vimeo w=400&h=300]



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I really believe Deacon Ralph is a top notch Catholic speaker, and in honor of Support a Catholic Speaker Month I want to do all I can to spread the word about Deacon Ralph and his speaking ministry, as well as build support for him.

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The writings of Pope John Paul II in Crossing the Threshold of Hope were originally intended to be broadcasted as a live television interview with an Italian journalist.  When John Paul II had to cancel the interview at the last minute, he still wanted to answer Messori’s questions.  The Pope sent written answers to the journalist with permission to publish them as he saw fit, writing on the outside cover the title suggestion "Crossing the Threshold of Hope."

Questions and topics covered in the book include: “How does the Pope Pray?” “Does God Really Exist?” “If God Exists, Why is He Hiding?” “Why Is There So Much Evil in the World?” “Why So Many Religions?” “Buddha?” “Muhammad?” “Judaism?” “What Is the New Evangelization?” “Is There Really Hope in the Young?” “The Reaction of the World,” “Does Eternal Life Exist?” “Human Rights,” “The Mother of God,” and “Be Not Afraid.”

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