do u wanna b happy?

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Press play and stick it on repeat like a gentleman. Close the blinds, turn down the lights, and grab a seat. I'm drinking some coffee, want some? I know its late. But its a warm night and I'm feeling introspectively awake.

I think about death a lot since becoming a 26 year old home owner and father.

Heavy, I know. But bear with me.

You don't think about death? You don't visit your parents now and hug Dad just a little longer and realize he got another year older this year and that isn't something that can keep happening forever? You don't look at your wife, girlfriend, or loved one and wonder what they'll look like when and if they're 60, 70, - God willing - 80? Will they get those wrinkles in the corners of their eyes? Will their head shake ever so slightly like grandma's did? When your kids talk to them will they trail off mid sentence, smile, and turn around with no warning? What will the hospital be like the first time they stay longer than a day?

I just want to be happy. Some days I wonder what I really want though.

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