Does Jesus Hate Tattoos?

Check out this great article on tattoo taboos, Leviticus, and the tattoo on Jesus' thigh by the world renowned Nate Addington.

"Every so often someone, usually of the elderly female variety, will raise one of three standard objections to tattoos.

1.) Someday you are going to regret that

2.) When you are old those are going to look horrible

and of course

3.) You know God does not like tattoos, it just isn’t Christian.

To which I always respond that I have never regretted, even for a fraction of a millisecond, any of my tattoos. Furthermore, when I am old and orchestrating wheelchair street races in the local nursing home, me and all my geriatric buddies will stretch out our wrinkled skin, take a shot of our prune juice, and share the stories of our tattoos while reminiscing about the good ole’ days when we were young and gas was only $4.00 a gallon."

Check out the full article here!