Exciting Announcement!

Catechism Movement Cover In order to keep myself accountable, ensuring that every Saturday morning I am actually working on this, I want to tell you about a HUGE project I am working on with a few other holy souls.

Right now it is just called the catechism movement, but it is an idea I have been praying about, studying, reading, writing, and talking about for almost two years.

Part sexy website, part community for the counter-cultural, part dream team of Catholic evangelists, right now I am finally putting it all on paper (virtually) in a pdf manifesto that will hopefully be complete for limited viewing in the next two weeks. I'm also in touch with the USCCB (no one wants a copyright lawsuit...) and beginning to ask a few people to roll up their sleeves and joing me in creating this beast.

Once the manifesto is finished I'll be sending it out for review and asking more people to get involved. So pray for us and help me stay on top of this! Here is a rough timeline:

  • Dec. 9, 2013 - the catechism movement Manifesto Finished and Select Viewing
  • Late February 2014 - Kickstarter Campaign Launch
  • October 2014 - the catechism movement Big Launch

If you don't hear anything by Dec. 9, you have permission to fill my driveway with cool whip.

+JMJ November 24, 2013 Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe