God Plays the Lottery

So I asked God to tell me he loves me. Sappy I know but I needed a hug ya feel? So I randomly flipped to Isaiah 43 and then proceeded to cry a bit. Trivial? Chance? Easy for you to say, until it happens to you.

It's a cognitive bias to constantly assume cognitive bias. The God of chance will always give you a way to explain Him away, an easy out, so you remain free. But what if, just for today, you lived as if everything happened because He willed it?

Sure it sounds like over-optimistically pushing purpose onto the purposelessness of time + matter + chance. But faced daily with chance and free-will as simultaneously part of the human condition, we don't blink.

Or at least we would rather not.

Is it too much to ask to believe God freely wills chance to work for his and your good?

God is eternally drawing lottery numbers, like an ecstatic three year old with too much money to give away, and showering winners with divine providence.