Gungor Goes to Adoration

Gungor Michael Gungor wrote on his blog today about "one of the most beautiful worship experiences I have had in a long time."

It was Catholic adoration in a field full of candles and liturgy.

"We played at a Catholic youth festival in Louisiana, and afterwards we stayed for “adoration.”

Wasn’t quite sure what that was, but we ended up kneeling in silence in a field for like 20 minutes with thousands of young Catholics, all holding candles. It was amazing. A procession of priests came walking through the candlelit masses holding a big golden cross and then they put this other golden thingy in the altar (forgive me for my ignorance of any of the proper terms, and for my use of the word “thingy”), and we all just sat there and adored Christ together in silent reverence for a long time. Honestly, it made me want to be Catholic again.


I didn’t really understand everything that was happening last night, but that was part of the beauty of it. That heavy and intoxicating aroma of the incense. The bending flickering flames of the candles in the wind. The bold colors of robes and crosses and crucibles. The use of different languages. It was Heaven crashing into earth."

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