How to Make a Catholic Meme

Literal Protestants So you're upset because of something you read on the internet, or one of your friends is spewing hate against Mama Church, and you wants to show them the what for in a punchy, trendy, hip sort of way.  What's an internet new evangelist to do?

A good (and probably a little sarcastic) ol' fashioned meme is the way to go (pronounced "meem" like team. Not "mee mee" like what you call your grandmother).  They're like the religious tracts your protestant friends used to hand out, except without all the pages, and funnier.

So you went on looking for the perfect one, and after 8 hours of browsing, you still haven't found the perfect fit.  Well, if no one has done it right, you gots to do it yourself.


Step 1: Look for a background picture.

Go to google and find a good picture.  You can use any picture, or you can use an existing popular meme picture.

Get a BIG picture.  The bigger the picture the better. BIGGER. We want everybody and the people next to them to see this bad boy.  We're talking fill-up-an-entire-facebook-news-feed-make-your-smartphone-explode kinda big.

Jackie Chan is a good place to start.

MAM1Step 2: Copy the photo into paint.

Open up paint. (Sorry mac users, I pretend you don't exist)

MAM1Whoops. Um, just ignore that...   awkward....


There we go.

Step 3: Add text.

Think up a really pithy and incendiary message to get your Catholic point across.  It's got to have some bite, and maybe expose some logical fallacies.  Put it in big chunky white letter with the caps lock on.  WHEN THINGS ARE TYPED IN ALL CAPS PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION. MAM1

Whoa there Kirk Cameron, too incendiary.  First rule of fight club, have some class.  Name calling won't work.  Point out the insanity of a situation instead.


Step 4: Make it public.

Add the fruit of your labors to your favorite social networks. I suggest Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for starters.  The Reddit beasts in the Catholicism group love them some memes.  While waiting for people to comment/like/share/retweet your creation, rejoice and listen to some o' this because you have done your part to spread truth in a culture of lies.


Make your own!

Do your part!  Take part in the New Evangelization by spreading truth to the 10-second-attention-span-facebook-browsing culture, the Pope will thank you.

No really, make a meme and send it to the Pope. #OnlythePopeUnderstandsMe


Or you could just go to and make one on there or whatever....