Let's #CaptureEaster !!!

[youtube=http://youtu.be/Qqhe4yRCGIE] My friend Jon and I came up with a crazy idea: what if everyone around the world took pictures of Holy Week and the beauty of God, made a #hashtag (#CaptureEaster) and posted them all up on one website?

Starting this Palm Sunday, join us in our attempt to flood the internet with pics of the beauty and goodness of God and Holy Week.

Step 1) Take sweet pictures of your experience of God during Holy Week. Step 2) Upload them to instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #CaptureEaster Step 3) Checkout the site CaptureEaster.com to see other pictures of the world expereincing Holy Week, as its happening. We'll get your photo up as soon as possible. Step 4) Get your friends in on the action!

We will be posting the images to CaptureEaster.com and are giving away some sweet books to whatever photo gets the most (legitimate) comments.

Get pumped for Holy Week!!!!!