Moneyball, Ministry, and Success in the Spiritual Life

I am guilty of being a fan of Brad Pit. It's true. I genuinely think he is a great actor. Fr. Robert Barron mines some spiritual gold out of a recent favorite movie of mine, Moneyball.


Fr. Barron mines some spiritual gold out of a movie I really enjoyed.


The most important thing in a leader is clarity of vision. (Proverbs 29:18) Second is willingness to do what it takes to achieve that end. President Lincoln's one goal was to preserve the union. In every decision he was focused on that goal. "What do you want?" Jesus asks in John 1:37 of the disciples following Him. "Clarity in the spiritual life is indispensable in success in the spiritual life." What do you want? To become a saint, eternal life, salvation, heavenly reward, etc. What is required to achieve this end? We can get off track by being distracted and pulled in too many directions, or by giving up when criticized. We must see clearly what we want, and then have the courage and the willpower to stay on it. How many dioceses or Bishops could answer the question "What do you want [for your Diocese]?" decisively and unambiguously? What is your primary goal for your own personal spiritual life?

In Ministry:

What do you want for your ministry, in one sentence? Or, what has God revealed as the goal for youth ministry in your specific situation and parish? If parents/parish staff/pastoral counsel asked you why your ministry exists (what is it you want?), would you be able to answer quickly, succinctly, and in a way that inspires? In one sentence?