Classy vs. Swag - Between the Pint and the Cross Ep. 1

"If you want to know how to use your swag, in a good way, just read the Bible."

My friend Christian and I wanted to try out podcasting, so we took some time to talk about something completely frivolous we know nothing about.  A rant about the similarities and differences between class and swagg and the answer to the question everyone is thinking: Was Jesus classy or swag?


Completely irrelevant but we had fun trying it out.  Maybe we'll do it again sometime.  You get some mad time off purgatory if you make it through the whole thing.  Chris did in fact eat that brownie later, after the podcast.  (There are a few rough parts of the audio.  We did this over the phone and I was in a closet.  We're real swagg like that.)

"G.K. Chesterton said, “In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe and the Cross can all fit together.” Indeed, they can, and they must. For it is equally the heretic and the heathen who falsely consider all drinking is drunkenness and all smoking is vice, but it is the Catholic - whether he is a formal member of the Catholic Church or not - who accepts the pint, the pipe, and the Cross. For though neither of them are good for the body but each, in their proper place, are good for the soul."

Blessed James Alberione, pray for us.