Pope Francis Search Engine-a-fide

Pope Francis You all need to know about the Pope Francis search engine put together by the same creator of the wonderful Catholic Cross Reference website that is home to search engines for the Catechism, the Summa, and Church Fathers.

The Pope Francis Search Engine, or PFSE for short, is updated daily and has a search bar so you can search words like "latin Mass", "SSPX", "same-sex marriage", "Bono", "my favorite flavor of gelato", "kittens and gelato", or I don't know whatever else you want to search.

Thanks for all the Catholic geeky goodies Jeffrey Pinyan! And a gentlemanly hat tip to Angela for bringing this to my attention.

Check out the Pope Francis search engine here.

By the way, we need a catchy nickname for our beloved pope. JPII and B16 had their own, its about time someone came up with one for our humble Pope. Any suggestions?

Photo by Abode of Chaos