Why You Need "Strategy Mondays" [video]

If you work for a Church (or set your own hours) you know it can be tough to manage your time and your week, let alone the month. Here's how I use "strategy Mondays" to review projects, plan for the week, and accomplish big goals each quarter.

Review all inboxes.

This includes physical mailboxes, any loose piles in my office, voicemail, email, Asana etc.

Review all projects.

We use Asana as a team to manage projects and tasks. I force myself to click through EVERY open and active project and review all the tasks that will be required to complete the project. If it isn't worth reviewing, it shouldn't be a project. You'll be surprised at how big a difference this will make.

Review the week.

Once I've looked through all the active projects I open my calendar and try to get a clear picture in my head about what will make this week successful and what big things need to get done. Often this requires some action or prep to take place on Monday to set up for that Thursday lunch meeting or that weekend ministry.

Review the month.

Next I look at the next 4 weeks and try to find any planning or prep that isn't accounted for in Asana or isn't scheduled in already.

Review the quarter.

This is the long-term view that forces me to focus on the bigger picture. It forces me to ask: what are we trying to accomplish this Fall, Spring, or Summer? What is it going to take to get there? Am I on track for the goals and projects we are trying to accomplish? Will I look back at this summer and feel proud, accomplished, and docile to the Holy Spirit?

Weekly Wifey Pow-Wow

Arguably the most important part of Mondays, every Monday I make sure my wife is informed about what is going on at work, and I am up to date on what we are planning for the week as a family. We share a google calendar for work and home and text back and forth a bit to make sure we're on the same page.

How do you make sure you're on top of everything week to week?