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7 Quick Takes Friday!

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts 7 Quick Takes every friday on her blog Conversion Diary, so this Friday I decided to get in on the fun and give you the 7 quick takes that were on my mind this week.  Enjoy!

--- 1 ---

My sister and her fiance came into town and I surprised my wife with a day of taking make-up "engagement" photos at an abandoned house and barn in the middle of nowhere.  We never got around to taking professional couple pictures when we got engaged, but my sister has a super sweet camera and some mad photo skills.  It was way more fun than I expected, and we definitely got a ton of laughs and a ton of unreal photos.

--- 2 ---

I'm impatiently waiting like a hungry chubby 5th grader at the back of a buffet line for my good friend Chris to finish the post production editing of a video project soon to be released on this blog.  *Hint Hint* It rhymes with "Support a Catholic Speaker Month".

Just'll be delicious.

--- 3 ---

I would like to also mention the unsung hero of our photo escapades, the set man Peter (my sister's fiance) who carried props, carted cribs, held our baby, and sat around watching us get our picture taken for an hour and a half.

--- 4 ---

I cringe a little bit (okay a lot) when I dabble in politics, and I certainly don't believe that Republicans have a monopoly on all that is good and true and Christian in the world.  But this video really showcases the blatant contradiction in today's popular idea of tolerance which is: Tolerate everyone, except those who don't tolerate everyone.  And by tolerate they mean, everyone has the right to believe they are right, and no one can prove anyone wrong.

Watch the video here.

"How open are you?" "Open enough to include everyone." "Who wouldn't you include?" "We wouldn't include those beer toting fakers down in Florida."(Republicans)

--- 5 ---

My sister's fiance told me about this site,  A fantastic 101 question quiz set to sacred music and breath taking works of art, this website is a really great idea.  I appreciated that it wasn't all random and useless Bible or Catholic trivia, but was all very practical and essential to the life of a Catholic (well okay, except a few questions, like "How many total verses are in the Bible?")  Apparently if you get a lower score they'll send you a free Catholic book to help boost your Catholic IQ.  Check it out, and see if you can score at least a 180!

--- 6 ---

I've really been digging the band The Head and the Heart recently (Can you say Fides et Ratio? I think I feel a blog post coming on...) and its a little because of this:

So many decisions in life and in the music we love can come down to a critical tug between the logic in our heads and the hot red blood beating through our hearts. Seattle’s The Head and the Heart live authentically in that crux, finding joy and beauty wedged there.

Right? And a lot because of this:


--- 7 ---

I want to try a free book giveaway.  Be on the lookout for a tasty Catholic book to chew on that I'll be mailing to one of you, free of charge, in the coming weeks.  Brandon Vogt has inspired me with this, and I think it's a great and charitable way to counterbalance the personal vice of my relentlessly expanding library....

My wife on a regular basis: "More books?" Me: "You can never have too many good books!"

Yeah yeah, I know, I know, just don't argue with me okay? :)

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