Old Rabbi

Imitate Christ: Love Requires Us to Take Blows [Guest Post]

What does Jesus' scourging, an old married Rabbi, and dragons have to do with relationships and marriage? This week I had the great privilege of writing for Arleen Spenceley's series "Relationship Tips".  Go give it a gander and be sure to check out some of Arleen's writings too, they are well worth your time.

"The only sword heavy enough to slay the dragon is the same sword Jesus used to defeat the soldiers that scourged him - total selfless love. Just as selfless love led Jesus to the pillar he was scourged on to defeat sin, and the cross on which he trampled death. In this sign, you too shall conquer.

Learn from Christ. The fallen imperfections of your lover are the saving scourges of your marriage. Only by enduring them with charity, humility, and patience will you win your bride, and at the same time yourself, from the clutches of the enemy. Defeat your lover’s dragons, so you can present him/her “without spot or wrinkle…that she might be holy and without blemish.” (Ephesians 5:27)"

You can find the full article here.

God bless your holy marriages and relationships! +JMJ