Making America Great

Stuff Worth Sharing / No. 001 /

  1. Saint Drogo Coffee roasters out of Bay City, MI. We connected on instagram and they sent us some samples...GOOD COFFEE HERE FOLKS. Made by a good Catholic.
  2. Olivia added a 8.5x11 print option of the lovely little watercolor of Mary that she made. It's so good and lovely you should buy one for your mom.
  3. Vatican released a questionnaire for youth (ages 16-29). If you're in the (very wide) age range, take the survey! Yes, parts of it are frustratingly written.
  4. If you work for a Church, Church Media Spot is the all time biggest motherload of links. Seriously. Click graphics and browse all the free series packages. I downloaded way too many and probably spent too much time here.
  5. This is a long and interesting read proposing some guidelines for Church art.
  6. Remember to make America great again.

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