These 5 Questions Help You Give Better Talks


This hour long workshop by Andy Stanley (author of Communicating for Change) is wrecking my world.

If you have ever been frustrated with feeling like a talk you gave at youth group fell on deaf and bored ears, this video will give you some simple shifts in preparing your talk that will get people to actually DO something, as opposed to just making people laugh and filling 15 minutes of the night with rambling and reading from the Bible.

His "One-Point Preaching" method could be applied to any of us who speak publicly with the intention that the audience would actually DO something after hearing something we say.

Key Take-Away's:

Spiritual maturity comes from application, not knowledge.

What's your ONE THING? If they take nothing away from the talk but this one thing....what would it be? Can you say it in one sentence?

What do you want them to DO?

5 Questions to Ask When Preparing a Talk

What do you want them to know? (information) Why do you want them to know it? (motivation) What do you want them to do? (application) Why do you want them to do it? (inspiration) How can you help them remember it? (reiteration)

What do you think?

These 5 questions and the one-point preaching concept has totally changed the way I am preparing for a talk I am giving tomorrow on a Confirmation retreat. I've noticed that its taken pressure off of me, while also making me extremely convicted to give the talk.

What do you think? Try this approach to giving your next talk, and tell me how it went by commenting on this post or shooting me an email. I'll read and respond to every comment. :)


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